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I’m a bit late in buying the ABH Dip Brow but I thought I’d give you guys a review anyway…

In the UK, ABH can be bought from Beauty Bay or Cult Beauty, online beauty stockists that sell products from the US and other countries that are unavailable or hard to buy in the UK.  It is mostly sold for the Same price, £15, from every online shop.

This product is super soft and creamy! And a little bit goes a long way. It is also really pigmented, and you are able to build up the intensity of your brows depending on how you like them. There are a range of shades and Dark Brown matches me perfectly!

I use the ABH Dual Ended Firm Detail Brush (14) with this product which you can also buy from Beauty Bay for £13, as it’s handy that it comes with an eyebrow brush at the end.

Compared to other pomades/eyebrow waxes I’d say this one is the best. My usual eyebrow kit, the Rimmel Brow This Way, looks much more unnatural than the Dip Brow and is a lot more wax-like and its a bit harder to work with as you need to keep dipping in for more product. However the Rimmel eyebrow kit is only £3.99, and being my go-to eyebrow product for so long I can’t complain.

If your looking for a cheaper alternative to the Dipbrow, which is £15, I’d suggest the Freedom Eyebrow Pomade which is the exact same concept and almost the same packaging as the ABH which is only £5 from Superdrug
Worth the price? Yes!

Would I recommend? Defo


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