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Cleaning makeup brushes is super important, not only for hygienic reasons but to also improve the performance of your brushes. Brush cleaning is one of those things that people dread doing and always try to put off. However in doing so it’s only causing damage to your brushes and more importantly your skin. Makeup brushes hold loads of bacteria and germs which if you don’t clean, are being spread all over your face which can cause your skin to become irritated and break out in spots. Sounds nice doesn’t it?…



I’d advise that if you have problem skin or acne prone skin that you deep clean your makeup brushes more often, at least twice a month, and try to spot clean them before and after use because in doing so you may notice an improvement in your skin.

What you’ll need…

  • Something to put your brushes in/on before and after you’ve cleaned them. A towel will do however I use a pot as I like to keep my brushes upright.
  • Brushes, obviously! Most of my brushes are from Real Techniques.
  • Brush cleaner (or soap). If you find that normal soap doesn’t work on your brushes or you want to try a brush cleaner, I recommend these: B. Brush Cleaner £4.99, Real Techniques Cleansing Gel £7.99, MAC Brush Cleanser £12.
  • Something to clean your brushes on. If you don’t mind using your hands then you can ignore the next bit. There are only a few brush mats out there, however the most popular three that I’ve found are listed below:
    Makeup Revolution Pro Cleanse Brush Mat £4.99,  |Real Techniques Brush Mat £12.99, | Sigma Spa Cleansing Glove £30

Here are my steps on how to clean makeup brushes:

  • Step one: decide which brushes need cleaning and lay them all out and have your brush cleanser or soap at the ready.
  • Step two: slightly dampen your brush with lukewarm water (not hot as this can melt the glue causing the bristles to fall out)
  • Step three: place a small amount of product onto the mat. If you do not have a brush cleanser mat, you can use the palm of your hand!
  • Step four: swirl your brush around on the mat or on your hand, making sure that the soap is lathered up and getting in between all the bristles (adding water every now and then will help)
  • Step five: squeeze out any excess product and rinse your brush, again with lukewarm water, and repeat if necessary.

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